Minutes of meeting held on Monday 4th December 2023 at Weston Village Hall.

Commenced at 7.30pm.

Present:-                   Cllrs, Dicks, Dark, Bellamy, Brotherton, Bunder,  Pratt, Pennington.

In Attendance:-       Dist Cllrs Woolf, Casson and one member of the public.

23.191 Apologies :- Cllrs Ellis, Halgarth, Higgins

As Cllr Halgarth has not attended meetings for six consecutive months the six month rule is automatically triggered and those present agreed that he is therefore disqualified as a Parish Councillor. The Clerk will inform SHDC that a vacancy has arisen.

23.192 Declaration of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011

Cllr Bellamy re. s137 grants for the Elloe Oracle and St Johns Church.

23.193 Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on 6th November 2023

Cllr Pennington requested that 23.189 be changed from “Drainage Board to “Environment Agency”. The minutes of the meetings having been circulated were taken as read by the Chairman and signed as a true record.

23.194 Public Forum

Andrew Surman the Parish Council’s landscape contractor reported to the meeting that the dykes at both Weston playing field and Weston Hills playing field were in need of attention. It was agreed that the clerk would contact the land owners of the dykes and ask if they will dredge them.

23.195 Matters Arising


23.196 Correspondence

e-mail received from Sir John Hayes informing the Parish Council that the Department of Health and Social Care has available £1m for the match funding of AED units.

e-mail received from a resident about the deterioration of the road at the allotments. The Clerk informed the meeting that he had contacted all allotment tenants requesting that they refrain from driving on the road during the winter months. It was agreed that the Clerk would place notices at the entrance to the allotments as Cllr Dark said that some dog walkers might not be aware of the request.



23.197 CSW/SID

Cllr Dark reported that while the CSW was “winding down” for the winter months two previous volunteers had returned to the CSW with another person joining for the first time.

Cllr Bellamy said that following problems with the calibration of the new SID unit another new SID was in transit from the suppliers and she hoped it would be up and running in the near future.

23.198 Weston Playing Field

Cllr Bellamy reported that she was waiting on quotes for CCTV to be installed at the playing Field.

Cllr Brotherton said that work to install the electric supply by the National Grid was ongoing with the possibility that power could come from overhead cables rather that underground ones.

23.199 Weston Hills Playing Field

A 50% payment has been received from the Shared Prosperity Fund for new play equipment. Cllr Bellamy will now move on to the next stage of the project getting planning permission and up to date quotes.

The clerk reported that Diane Fairchild the tree preservation office from SHDC had looked at the trees at the playing field. While she made observations and recommendations on the condition and work needed she was unable to give advice on the legal obligations of the Parish Council. The Clerk had obtained a quote from a qualified tree surgeon that would be able to give advice on the Parish Councils “Duty of Care under Common Law” but it was decided not to proceed with this at the present time.

23.200 Planning Applications

Notification of applications for consideration available via the SHDC website.

H22-0847-23, H22-0853-23, H22-0894-23 Approved by SHDC.

H22-0984-23, H22-1011-23, H22-1015-23   No Objections.

23.201 Proposed presence on Facebook

Cllr Bunder presented his proposals for a Facebook page. It was agreed that he should continue with the setup and administration. Those present agreeing that a simple documentation policy would be preferred.


23.202 s106 Update


23.203 Outer Dowsing Wind Farm


23.204 Finance Report

The financial report to 30th November 2023 having been circulated was taken as read and its contents noted. Please see accompanying report.

 Those present were informed of the LGA annual salary award for the clerk of 7.71% backdated to April 2023.

23.205 Budget 2024/25 S137 Grants Precept

It was agreed to move the item into closed session.

23.206 Items for Discussions

Cllr Bellamy reported that she had received complaints from residents in Weston Hills about behaviour stemming from the children’s home on Austendyke Road, in particular parking and security personnel with dogs who are then demanding access to resident’s gardens. It was agreed that Cllr Bellamy would produce a report which the Clerk would then contact the owners of the care home. District Cllr Casson to supply the Clerk with the contact details for the home.

Cllr Bellamy also informed those present of grant aid available for renewable energy.

Cllr Brotherton asked if it might be possible to arrange a “Best Christmas Lights competition” for the parish. It was agreed that this was at too short notice this year but could be considered next year.

23.207 Date of Next Meeting

             Monday 8th January 2024 at Weston Village Hall 7:30pm.


Dist Cllrs and the member of the public left the meeting.

The meeting then went into closed session.



Chairman …………………………………………………….